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Sunroad runs from Kichijoji Station to Itsukaichi Kaido and serves as the main street of the northern Kichijoji area. We are working to create a charming shopping district that will further enrich Kichijoji’s image.

Features of the New Arcade

Sensationally Designed with a Sense of Sophistication and Charm

The arcade uses a translucent, non-combustible, and easy-to-erect Teflon membrane that takes economic efficiency, weight, and tent appearance into account. Taking advantage of the Teflon’s properties, the covering lets gentle natural light in during the day and lights up the space at night.

Barrier-Free Access

The colored pavement is designed to be helpful for elderly and handicapped persons. It is also made of slip-resistant material. With minimal gaps, the manholes in the road are designed to prevent canes and high heels from getting caught.

Video-Equipped Arcade

The large monitors and speakers provide a wide range of information to shoppers.

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